We've made some exciting updates to Parlay. See below.

1. Live RoundTables in the Parlay Universe

There are now Live RoundTable templates in the Parlay Universe. All discussion topics now have "Live" or "Online" to on the top of the image to indicate which type of discussion topic it is.

Inside of each Live RoundTable topic there are 4 main content areas:

  1. Instructions for students

  2. Resources (links to images, videos, articles, or any other resource)

  3. Guiding Questions for the discussion

  4. Pre-made polls to run at any time during the discussion

As with the Online RoundTable, teachers have full liberty to edit the discussion topic as they see fit. Watch the GIF below to see the whole process in action:

2. Publish Live RoundTables to your Portfolio

As with Online RoundTables, teachers can now publish their own Live RoundTable topics to the Parlay Universe.

3. Live RoundTable Instructions

As you will have already seen above, we have added "Instructions" to the Live RoundTable. Here you can provide instructions to your students for participation in the discussion, and how/when they're expected to review the resources / questions and take notes. Students will see the instructions above their notepad along with the resources and guiding questions.

4. Clickable Sentence Stems (Live RoundTable)

Students can now click on the sentence stems in the Live RoundTable to automatically create an editable sentence stem in their notepad.

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