The Live RoundTable has built-in audio capabilities. That means teachers and students can establish an audio conversation to facilitate fully remote Live RoundTables.

Here's an example!

And here's how it works!

1. Enable Audio

The teacher must enable audio after creating the RoundTable.

2. Connect Audio

After joining, students will be asked "connect" to the audio connection.

Notes - students will be asked to give Parlay permission to use the microphone in their browser if it is their first time using the audio integration. If you stop and start the discussion, students will have to reconnect to the audio.

3. Teacher Speaking

Participants can only hear the teacher speak if the teacher presses the "Teacher Tap In" button.

Note - this can be done before starting / after ending the Live RoundTable in the event that the teacher needs to provide instructions to the students.

4. Students Speaking

The students can only speak and be heard by others if they are tapped into the discussion.

Notes - students are automatically muted when they tap in. They must unmute themselves when they wish to speak.

5. Muting Students

Teachers and moderators can mute/unmute students who are tapped into the discussion.

6. Automatic Stoppage

If the audio connection is on, the RoundTable automatically stops after 10 minutes of no student or teacher activity. You can restart the discussion at any time.

That's all!

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