In this article, we will discuss:

  1. What model submissions are and why they are useful.

  2. How to identify and qualify a model submission.

What are Model Submissions and why should I use them?

Teachers identify Model Submissions that are meeting and/or exceeding the expectations for a discussion. Model Submissions can be useful to highlight key points that may be brought up in a future discussion.

In addition, model submissions provide guidance for students as teachers can add text such as, "The evidence in this submission is very clear and thorough" to qualify the model submission. This gives students greater context so that they purposely reflect on how they can improve their submission in a future RoundTable. In addition, students can reply to Model Submissions, however, the Teacher's qualification will always remain at the top of the responses as shown below.

How do I identify and qualify a model submission?

When you press the "Star" button on a submission in the Online RoundTable, a text box will open, enabling you to tell the class why the model submission was chosen.

Parlay Tip: You can qualify Model Submissions for a variety of reasons, even if it is not directly related to the Criteria you set. You may want to qualify a Model Submission with, "We will discuss this idea next week!", to cue students to start thinking (and get excited!) about the next discussion.

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