We’ve made more updates - this time to the Online RoundTable. See below.

1. Automated Close Dates πŸ“†

Teachers can now set automatic close dates for Online RoundTables.

How does it work? When the set close date arrives, the Online RoundTable will automatically close and all student submissions / comments after this date will be marked as "posted after close".

Other things to note:

  • Students will also see the close date from inside the Online RoundTable, and when you send the invitation.

  • Students will automatically receive a reminder email 24 hours before the Online RoundTable closes.

2. Model Submissions Updates ⭐

Teachers can now add text to qualify a model submission.

How does it work? When you press the "Star" button on a submission in the Online RoundTable, a text box will open, enabling you to tell the class why the model submission was chosen. This text will live at the top of all comments for that submission.

3. Student Engagement Data Table βœ…

How does it work? The teacher summary report now includes a new table for individual student participation statistics. You can export the data directly from this page.

4. Word Cloud 2.0 ☁️

The word cloud 2.0 now includes:

  • Automatic language detection (for our Modern Language teachers).

  • Teachers can edit the keywords that appear in the cloud

  • Students and teachers can click any word to see all sentences in the discussion where this word is used, and even click through to see that sentence in the context of the conversation!

5. Saved Feedback Templates πŸ“Œ

Teachers can save custom templates for faster feedback.

How does it work? Teachers can easily create, edit, and use these custom feedback templates when providing individual student feedback on both Online and Live RoundTables.

Other things to note:

  • You can import saved templates from one course to another.

  • After adding a feedback template to your feedback box, you can still make any desired changes that are unique to that student.

6. Assessment UpdatesπŸ“‹

Small but mighty assessment updates include:

  • Click "Next" to toggle to the next student when providing feedback / assessment.

  • A green checkmark will appear next to each student who has received feedback from the teacher.

7. Hiding Submissions / Comments 🚫

Teachers can now hide submissions and comments.

How does it work? When a teacher hides a submission or a comment, it will become invisible to everyone except the teacher and the student that made the comment. If a hidden submission has comments or a hidden comment has replies, they will also be hidden from view.

8. Choose Avatars πŸ‘₯

Teachers and students can select from a list of avatars or upload their own image in their profile.

9. Archiving Courses πŸ—„οΈ

Teachers can archive courses.

How does it work? You can archive courses from your dashboard or from inside the course settings page. Archived courses will automatically drop to the bottom of your course list on the dashboard, and they will be inaccessible by you and your students after they are archived. You can always restore a course if you need to go back for any reason.

10. Word Count πŸ”€

How does it work? students see a word count as they write, and the word count displays on their submission.


And these features are coming soon!

  • Versioning for Online RoundTable submissions - see past versions as students edit / update their work based on peer feedback.

  • Hard Close - option to ensure that students can't post or comment after the Online RoundTable closes.

That's a wrap! 🎁

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