In this article we will review:

  • How to embed a Quizlet set in an Online RoundTable.

  • How to include a Quizlet set in a Live RoundTable.

Online RoundTables + Quizlet

A Quizlet set can make a great addition to the Content & Multimedia section of an Online RoundTable.

Follow these steps to embed a set:

1) In Quizlet, open the set and select the three dots ***

2) Select Embed.

3) Select the study mode you want to embed.

4) Select Copy HTML.

5) In Parlay, select the Insert/Edit Media Icon.

6) Select the Embed tab and paste the code.

And there you have it! 🙌

Live RoundTables + Quizlet

Here's how you can include a set in a Live RoundTable:

1) In Quizlet, open the set and select share.

2) Select Copy Link!

3) In Parlay, select Prompt in the Teacher control panel at the bottom of your screen.

4) Type the name of this resource, then paste the URL link.

5) Click the blue + circle to add it to your list of resources.

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