1. Queue System

To help with the organization and flow of your Live RoundTables, we have introduced a Queue System!

How does it work?
As a teacher you can now press the little “+” button next to a student’s name, and that student will automatically be added to the next available spot in the Queue.

There is one place for “Current Speaker” (this is the person who currently has the floor) and 2 spaces for speakers who are “On Deck”. When the Current Speaker taps out, the next student in the Queue will automatically be promoted to the speaker.

A couple other important points to mention:

  • Teachers can “remove” students from the Queue by pressing the “-“ icon. If you remove a student from the Queue, they will stay “tapped in” until they tap out.

  • The Queue is entirely optional. As a teacher, you can turn the Queue off using the toggle switch.

2. Student Moderators

Teachers can assign a student moderator. This will enable you to give an individual student a leadership role in managing the discussion. It will also free-up more of your attention to assess / nudge / guide the conversation. Finally, it it will enable you to have multiple small-group discussions ongoing at the same time in one class.

How does it work?
Click on any student to open the student assessment panel. Click the “moderator” button to assign a student as a moderator. After this, the student will have the ability to add and remove students to and from the queue.


A few other important points to mention:

  • Teachers will still be able to add/remove students in the queue.

  • You can switch moderators at any time. Simply click on the student you want to be the new moderator and press “moderator”.

  • The current moderator will have a gavel icon over their image on the sidebar and when they tap into the RoundTable.

3. “I did not speak”

Students can now declare that they “did not speak” when they tap in but don’t actually participate in the discussion.

How does it work?
After tapping in, students will see a small white button below the “Tap Out” button that says “I did not speak.” If they press this button, then Parlay will not log their turn in the individual student or summary data.

4. New Control Panel

Teachers have a new control panel to manage the prompt, polls, queue, teacher tap-in, and to start/stop the RoundTable.

How does it work?
We have moved all of these functions to the control panel at the bottom of your screen. This will make it easier for you to create polls, update resources, and start/stop the discussion. All of the primary controls are now in one place.

5. Prompt Resources

We have added a resources section to the Live RoundTable prompt.

How does it work?
When you click “Prompt” in the control panel, you will be able to add links to resources for students to review before the Live RoundTable discussion questions (already a feature). Here’s what that looks like from the teacher and the student view.


6. New Assessment Panel

We have made some small but important changes to the assessment panel as well.

  • You can now nudge from the assessment panel. This way, you can click on any student and see their notes / tap-in details and nudge them on the basis of this information.

  • The “Feedback” tab now has a green text box. After sending feedback to a student you will see a green check mark next to their name on the list of names.

7. Updated Summary Data

  • Summary data now includes a new chart for for “Time spent as speaker”. This chart will only show data if you use the Queue in your Live RoundTable.

  • Summary data also includes a new table for individual student participation statistics. You can export the data directly from this page.

That's a wrap!

Click here to see a Google Doc version of this update.

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