We've made 12 new feature updates that we're excited to share with you.

1) Share to Microsoft Teams

You can now share the magic link to your Online or Live RoundTable directly to Microsoft Teams!

2) Teacher feedback auto-save

You don't HAVE to send private feedback to the student right away. You can input some text and it will save for you to return to later and send to the student.

3) Teacher can submit a response to the Online RoundTable

Teachers can now submit a response to the discussion prompt. This will always appear at the top of the feed (so students see it first), and it will never have a secret identity.

4) Sort students by name and date in the Online RoundTable

You can reorder student responses by first name (A-Z, Z-A) and by date (Oldest, Newest).

5) The Go Live button has been moved to dropdown menu

We have moved the "Go Live! button to the dropdown menu. It was taking up a lot of space and confusing some people, so we put it out of the way. Also, you no longer have to wait until there are 5 submissions before you go live.

6) Edit the title of your RoundTable in the creation window

When you create an Online RoundTable, you will set the title at the same time that you create your discussion prompt.

7) Invite button has been moved to top right in the Online RoundTable and Live RoundTable

Because it's just better up here. Now it looks the same all the time for both the Live and Online RoundTables.

8) Edit peer feedback questions

Made a spelling mistake? No problem. Just edit and go :)

9) Write a message to students in the email reminder

Sending an email reminder to students? You can now include custom text in the reminder to give specific instructions.

10) Chord diagram update in student view

The student view of the chord diagram will now include the secret identities of participants (instead of a number). Now students will know which colour represents their own comments.

11) New Universe home page layout

There is now a list of subjects on the sidebar of the Parlay Universe. You can click on any subject to see all of the relevant collections.

12) Bookmarking collections in the Universe

You can now bookmark an entire collection. These will save in the Bookmarked tab in your RoundTable portfolio.

That's a wrap!

Click here to see a Google Doc version of this update!

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