While the navigation of the app itself is all in English, the prompts can be written in any language.

Please feel free to check out the Modern Languages Collection in the Parlay Universe to see some examples.

Some additional ideas for how you can incorporate Parlay in your language instruction:

Online RoundTable

How does it support language learning?

Students practice developing their writing skills.

Pro tips:

  • Students can go back and edit their work if needed.

  • Teachers can customize sentence stems and questions to support the peer feedback writing process.

  • Incorporate vocabulary/word walls in the content section of the RoundTable.

As part of the discussion summary, the word cloud will detect several modern languages and adjust the text accordingly:

Live RoundTable
How does it support language learning?

Oral communication - conversational, fluency skills.

The focus of the discussion can be on developing students' BICS (Basic Interpersonal Cognitive Skills) or CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency).

Pro tips:

  • Ensure students receive time at the beginning of the Live RoundTable to prepare their ideas in their notepad.

  • Send nudges in any language with instantaneous feedback, or encouragement.

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