An Online RoundTable is a written discussion activity that can happen during 1 class, or over a few days.

1. Log into your account

2. Click New RoundTable or Create New

 3. Select your course, then select Online

4. Select Your RoundTable

Create your own prompt or choose one from the Parlay Universe. If you create your own prompt, use the template, from your portfolio, or start from scratch.

5. Edit Your RoundTable.

If starting from scratch, make any changes to the template and then Save Changes and Close.

If choosing from the Parlay Universe, find your topic and click “Use This Topic”. Remember, you can edit any topic that you find before inviting students. 

6. Customize Settings 

Turn anonymous identities on or off (the teacher can always see who is who), edit/create your own assessment criteria, and customize peer feedback questions. All of these edits are options.

7. Invite Students 

Click the Invite Students tab to invite students by magic link, code or through google classroom. When your students click this link, they will be brought into the discussion after signing in and automatically added to this course. They can sign in with Google, Microsoft, or create a new account. 

8. Sit back, observe, or take part!

Teachers can also submit a response to the RoundTable.

Your students might be logging on whenever is convenient, and you will begin to see them listed once they log in. You can comment on their ideas as well!

Sort student responses with the following options:

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