You can add any Parlay teacher to your courses so that they can see everything you can see as the owner of the course.

There are two ways you can access your course settings to add a co-teacher:

  • The colorful waffle icon.

  • The three dots beside the course name in your dashboard.

The colorful waffle icon:

  1. Click into the course you would like to add the teacher to

  2. Click the colorful waffle icon in the top right area of the blue bar

3. Click Class Settings

4. Add the email of a co-teacher to the course

The teacher should immediately receive an email letting them know that they now have access. The course will also appear on their dashboard listed under Courses I Teach.

***Please note, the teacher must already have a Parlay account to gain access.

Or, you can select the three dots beside the course name in your dashboard:

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