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What a month is has been for our development team. After receiving tons of feedback from our teachers and students, poring over user data and constantly thinking about how we can advanced our mission as a company, we're excited to announce a number of awesome updates to Parlay's Online RoundTables!

Feature 1 - Open Online RoundTables

Parlay is so committed to helping teachers inspire meaningful "real-world" discussions in their classrooms. That's why we've decided to work with many of the wonderful teachers and experts in the Parlay community to create pre-made RoundTable discussion topics. These topics will be updated regularly and tackle some of the most challenging contemporary issues. 

Here's how it works:

1. When you create an Online RoundTable you'll now be asked to create a "Custom" RoundTable or choose one from the "Library". Open RoundTables can be found in the library.

2. When you're in the library, choose a discussion topic that you think would be interesting for your class. Press the big pink "Publish to Class" button in the top right corner, choose your class and voila!

3. If you want to edit the prompt or invite select students (without using the magic link) you can simply click "edit prompt" in the top right. 

P.s. You can also access Parlay's Open RoundTables directly from our home page. If you have friends or colleagues that want to try Parlay, this is a great place to get started -

Feature 2 - All New Text Editor

After receiving lots of feedback about adding links, images and videos to Parlay RoundTables, we're excited to announce the first version of our new text editor! 

What's new?

  1. We've removed the "Links" field because you can now insert links directly into the body of the prompt (for teachers) and the submission (for students).

2. Multiple Images. You can now upload multiple images anywhere in the text editor, and resize to your heart's content :)

3. Embedded Video. You can now embed YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into the text editor.

Feature 3 - New Online RoundTable Layout

We've added a new sub-navigation to the Online RoundTable. This makes it easier for students to access their summary, and for teachers to edit the RoundTable. 

Feature 4 - Ending Online RoundTables

Teachers can now "End" Online RoundTables. 

What happens after I close the RoundTable?

  1. Students can't give or receive any more points or stars.
  2. All student responses and comments made after the RoundTable will be marked "(posted after close)

Can I reopen a RoundTable?


And that's a wrap! A huge thank you goes out to all of the teachers, administrators and students that helped us shape this most recent release. We're so grateful to work with you all to build the best possible tool for the best possible class discussions in the world.

Give us a shout if you have any comments or questions!


The Parlay Team :)

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