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Parlay is a fantastic tool for helping students build their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills when learning a new language. Here are some tips and tricks if you're a languages teacher thinking about using Parlay:

1. Parlay supports text and characters in almost any language!

  • Our Online RoundTable is a great way to help students improve their reading and writing skills in a new language. It encourages higher order thinking and gives opportunities for structured, substantive peer feedback.
  • Run Online RoundTable discussions at home as a preparatory exercise or inside of the classroom as a fun warm-up activity. 

2. Have students to pre-record their audio submissions.

  • SpeakPipe is a free (no-login) tool you can use have your students record their own audio file and then share the link when submitting
  • Have your students give each other constructive feedback using Parlay's points system (see below).

3. Customize Your Point Types

  • Create your own point types to help students 
  1. Better understand expectations for the assignment.
  2. Give each other more meaningful feedback.
  3. Identify strengths and where they to focus efforts for improvement.
  • Below are some example point types! (Of course, you might want to translate them into your language of instruction)

4. Student Presentations

Parlay's Live RoundTable is a great way to track individual student presentations!

  • Have each student prepare and deliver a small presentation to the class. 
  •  Allow the other students to sign on and reward points and leave feedback during the presentation.

That's all for now!

The Parlay Team :)

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