Step 1 - Creating A Teacher Account

  1. Visit and click “CREATE A CLASS”
    Tip: use Google Chrome for the best possible experience.

  2. Select “Teacher” for user type.

  3. Register with your email (or with Google or Microsoft).      
    bookmark for quick access.

  4. Follow Parlay's simple on-boarding steps :)

  5. Enter the Course Name and Section Number.
  6. Voila! You can now create your first RoundTable (Jump to Step 3).


 Step 2 - Getting Students Signed Up

  1. Share the Invite Code with your students.
    Tip: Post your Invite code it in your LMS so students can access it at any time.
  2. Ask your students to visit and select the "Student" option.
  3. They can Register with their email (or with Google or Microsoft).
    Tip: save to their bookmarks bar.
  4. Join the class using the "Invite Code"

Step 3 - Create your first RoundTable

  1. Check out these guides to help you get started!




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